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Presented by St. Anthony's, LEADING THE WAY benefits St. Anthony's mission to create a society in which all persons flourish. Leading the Way IMPACT awards recognize dedication and commitment to making our community a better place through leadership, volunteerism, philanthropy, or advocacy. Honorees are role models for their industry, organization or community. 


The submission period for the 2023 Leading the Way Awards has been closed. Thank you for submitting your nominations!


Leading the Way Impact Award

The honoree will exemplify leadership and vision in a demonstrable way over many years through dedication and commitment to giving back to the communities where it is based or does business in the San Francisco Bay Area.  (Areas of focus might include social justice, environment, arts, education, homelessness, work force development, healthcare, or food scarcity.)   This includes leadership, volunteerism, philanthropy or advocacy, such as:


  • A CEO or company who serves as a role model and champion of corporate social responsibility.

  • Leadership initiatives that encourage or mentor employees throughout the organization to participate in nonprofit leadership, such as board service, pro-bono advisory, etc.

  • Internal programs that encourage individual or team volunteer or service projects.

  • Facilitates employee charitable giving through payroll deduction, matching gifts, etc.

  • A record of accomplishment of thoughtful and strategic grant making, sponsorship or in-kind giving that includes effective relationships or partnerships with its grantees.

  • Direct service (e.g., tutoring, serving meals, working with patients)

  • Organizes or sponsors meaningful community activities monetarily or through hands-on support. Implements innovative ways to engage its customers or vendors in its volunteerism, philanthropy, or community building.

  • Advocacy (e.g., writing letters to government officials, educating others about possible policy changes)

Leading the Way: Emerging Leader Award  

The professional receiving this award will be under 45 years of age and be responsible for or actively engaged in developing and implementing a culture of philanthropy and community building at a business (public or private) located in the Bay Area. Factors and characteristics that make this person an emerging leader could include but are not limited to:


  • Played an integral role in developing a comprehensive and sustainable corporate philanthropy and (corporate social responsibility/community relations) program. 

  • Has implemented innovative ideas/ways for engaging employees, customers or vendors in volunteerism or corporate philanthropy. 

  • Created a strategic grant making program that produces clear outcomes around the company ’ s vision for community engagement.

  • Is a thought leader within the company or community around the above issues. 

  • Acknowledged within company's sector or through a professional association as a leader.

Leading the Way: Community Philanthropist Award

The Community Philanthropist Award honors an individual or family (or related family foundation or donor-advised fund), that has demonstrated innovation at scale through a commitment to charitable giving benefiting the San Francisco Bay Area community. Factors and characteristics that make this individual or family could include but are not limited to:


  • An Individual, or Organization that has made lasting IMPACT in the Bay Area through philanthropy and advocacy.

  • Indirect service (e.g., organizing a fundraising event, raising awareness, organizing community interest)

  • A record of accomplishment of thoughtful and strategic grant making, sponsorship or in-kind giving that includes effective relationships or partnerships with its grantees that effectively make a lasting impact through positive transformation and renewal.

  • Created differentiated and model programs that serve direct needs of the community.

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